Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Does Revolution Flea Control Treat Roundworms and Hookworms?

Wondering what are roundworms and hookworms? Yes you're right they are worms but let me give you a brief description of these parasites which affect pets. Roundworms and hookworms are specifically intestinal parasites. Both hookworms and roundworms loves to live in the digestive system of your pet in particular the stomach and intestines. As a pet owner it would be a big problem if these intestinal parasites keep on pestering your pet hence being a pet owner we should always treat our pets with utmost love and care which entails their health as well.

Both hookworms and roundworms invade our pets body in a more similar way. Hookworms anchor their mouth to the layer covering the small intestines and extract blood and tissue fluids from the host while roundworms occurs in high incidence among puppies in which when born and the mother is infected it will pass the worms to the puppy. Another way roundworm affects puppies is by ingesting the larvae eggs from the surroundings which is infected with roundworms. To be honest it was only 6 years ago that my husband and I became concern about this intestinal parasites because it's that time that we had Jose, our little, cutie Shih-Tzu.

I will be sharing based on our experience as pet owners on how we did prevented Jose from acquiring these hookworms and roundworms all through these years. The first thing that we did was going to our local vet and ask suggestions which pet medications are good in preventing such parasites and our vet recommended only one product and was called Revolution. Revolution is speak highly of by our vet because of its quality and effectiveness. Jose's vet was a dog owner himself and a loyal user of Revolution. With this recommendation, my husband and I immediately bought Revolution for Jose. Since then until now he still uses Revolution regularly. I have talked about the Revolution getting it from the local vet. But with the technology today, it is readily available just using your hands and eyes which is thru online.

Let me share a summarize description of what Revolution is. If you are concerned with the safety of your pet, Revolution is safe to use in which in dogs as early as 6 weeks of age and in cats 8 weeks of age. Revolution is applied in monthly basis and Revolution is a topical medication. Revolution has its main ingredient known as selamectin which penetrates the skin and enters the bloodstream which eventually enters the pet's tissue and bloodstream. Aside from preventing and treating hookworms and roundworms, Revolution also protects your pet from fleas, sarcoptic mange in dogs while controls mites in cats. In addition, it restricts the American Dog Tick infestation.

Hence, answering the title of this article "Does Revolution Flea Control treat Roundworms and Hookworms?" definitely YES. So go now to your local vet or favorite online pet store and get some Revolution for your pet.