Wednesday, 20 June 2012

What is the Difference Between Revolution for Cats and Revolution for Dogs?

One of the essentials of being a responsible pet owner is providing your dog or cat with adequate protection from parasites such as fleas and ticks. Now, that may seem like a straight-forward task, but in practice, deciding which anti-parasite remedies to use can be a little tough. With pet supply stores and veterinary clinics offering an array of products which vary from collars to pills to shampoos, it can be hard to figure out which ones are right for your animal companions. Fortunately for both pet owners and pets alike, pet meds such as Revolution have been developed to make it that much easier to give your dog or cat the all-round anti-parasite protection that they need. 

Revolution is an FDA approved pet med containing the active ingredient Selamectin and provides broad spectrum protection from the most common parasites that your pet may encounter. When I first started looking into using Revolution on my dog and cat, I discovered that the brand offers both Revolution for cats and Revolution for dogs. This started me wondering – what is the difference between these two products? I decided to do some research into the differences between Revolution for cats and Revolution for dogs, and soon found that I was not the only pet owner who wanted to know the answer to this question. On some online forums, cat owners asked “Is it safe to use Revolution for dogs on my cat”, while others asked “Can the same Revolution formula be used on all my pets?”. 

In fact, the answer to all these questions is fairly simple – although both Revolution for cats and Revolution for dogs contain the same active ingredient, you should only use these pet meds on the animal that they are designed for. This is because the main difference between the two types of Revolution is the concentration of Selamectin in each dosage. Animals which weigh more, such as larger cat breeds and dogs need a higher concentration, while young animals and small breeds require a lower concentration. Using too high a dosage on your pet, for example applying Revolution for dogs to a 6-week old kitten could cause health problems, while using a lower dosage on a large dog will not provide complete protection. However, knowing the right dosage is not a problem when you use Revolution, as all you need to do is to choose the product according to your pet's body-weight and type. Revolution packaging is color coded and clearly labeled with weight categories, so it is fairly difficult to get it wrong! Although it might be tempting to save money or time by using the same Revolution formula on all your pets, veterinarians advise that you should always use the appropriate Revolution to avoid possible problems.

Hopefully this answers many of the questions that pet owners may have about the differences between Revolution for cats and dogs, and will make choosing the right type of anti-parasite protection easier.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

How Does Revolution Work?

Healthy Happy Pets & Owners

There is a very old saying which goes “a dog is a man's best friend”. In fact, many people see their pet as more than just a best friend – they consider their beloved animal to be a member of the family. Just as we would care for our child, sibling or parents health, caring for our pet's health is always a priority – no one wants to see an animal suffer unnecessary discomfort or illness.

Revolution – The Anti Parasite Solution for Your Pet

Some of the greatest threats to our pets are small enough to go unnoticed until the issue has become a problem. Fleas, heartworm and other parasites are what I'm talking about – all of which can adversely affect your fluffy companion's well-being and happiness, as well as long term health. Our animals can't talk and tell us when they are ill, and this means that preventative measures are a must. This is why products like Revolution exist. Revolution is part of a range of specially designed pet meds that can help you to achieve peace of mind about parasite protection.

So, How Does Revolution Work to Protect Your Pets?

Revolution for dogs and Revolution for cats are two distinct formulas containing the active ingredient Selamectin. Selamectin works hard to provide effective and practical protection against a number of common animal parasites that may infect your dog or cat.

Revolution for dogs and cats is applied directly to your pet's skin using a foolproof tube which delivers the correct dosage, which alleviates any concerns about using too much or too little. Once Revolution has been applied to a pet's skin, it is absorbed into the bloodstream. Now we get to the clever bit – Revolution actually works by selectively redistributing from the blood to the skin. In essence, this means that with one quick application, your dog or cat gets around one month's protection, not just from fleas but from other nasties including ear-mites and heartworm. Unlike many ”spot-on” products, Revolution is not a pesticide but an FDA approved medication, which means that while efficient, it can be used safely and with confidence. 

A Revolution for Pet-owners

In the past I have sometimes found that keeping my brood in tip-top condition has occasionally been a challenge, but with the Revolution, my “babies” are happier and healthier than ever and I can rest assured that they are safe from infestation by parasites.