Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Myths About Heartworm Revealed

Do you know the truth about heartworm and how to give your pet the right protection against this parasite? Read on as we reveal the truth about the most common heartworm and heartworm treatment myths.

My pet only needs preventative heartworm treatment

Like most myths, this one holds a grain of truth at its core. Scientists know that heartworm is only transmitted to pets by mosquitoes, so it is only a concern while mosquitoes are around. In the past, weather conditions meant that mosquitoes would die off in the chill of winter and become an issue during the warm, humid spring months. Changes in the climate now mean that mosquito season is considerably longer than it once was, and in many states, mosquitoes are around throughout the year. Heartworm infection occurs with a single bite so it is important to give your pet a heartworm treatment all year round, even if you think mosquito season is over.

Preventative heartworm treatment is only necessary in some areas of the USA.

Some years ago, heartworm was only found in some regions of the United States however, the parasite has now been confirmed in all 50 states. Even in areas where the climate is hot and dry during the summer months, artificial ponds, irrigation systems and agricultural water storage tanks can provide a habitat for heartworm carrying mosquitoes.

Cats don't need preventative heartworm treatment only dogs can be infected.

Heartworm is most commonly found in animals like dogs, foxes and coyotes, but it would be incorrect to assume that cats cannot host this parasite. In fact, statistics suggest that a growing number of felines are being diagnosed with heartworm, meaning that it is essential to provide both cats and dogs with the appropriate preventative heartworm treatment.

Heartworm infection is not fatal.

The myth that heartworm infection is not fatal is a dangerous one the truth is that heartworm is a very serious condition which must be treated for the host animal to survive. An animal which has been infected will experience a number of distressing symptoms as the heartworm multiply inside their body. This is because the heartworm are concentrated around the heart and lungs, which reduces blood and oxygen circulation. Without treatment an infected pet cannot survive.

Indoor pets do not need a regular, preventative heartworm treatment.

You might think that if your dog or cat lives indoors that there is no chance of it getting bitten by a heartworm carrying mosquito, so there is no point spending money on protection against parasites. There is some truth in this, as indoor pets are less likely to be bitten by a mosquito but there is still a risk that a mosquito could get into your home and bite your pet. Don't take chances use a heartworm treatment to avoid infection.

If one pet catches heartworm, it will infect my other pets.

It is very upsetting for an owner to discover that their pet has a heartworm infection and especially so if you believe the myth that the infected animal can pass the parasite onto other pets in the household. The good news is this is just a myth. The only way that a pet can catch heartworm is if they are bitten by an infected mosquito and using a heartworm treatment will reduce the risk significantly.

Pets with heartworm can pass the infection onto humans.

Animal charities and adoption shelters have expressed concern at the number of pets whose owners give them up after a diagnosis of heartworm infection. This may be partly due to the myth that humans can catch heartworm from their pets. In fact, human infection by heartworm is very rare and transmission only occurs through a mosquito bite you cannot catch heartworm from your pet.

Treating heartworm infection is as easy and effective as using a preventative heartworm treatment.

Don't be fooled into thinking that treating heartworm is a good alternative to using a preventative heartworm treatment. Heartworm is very serious illness and the necessary treatment to get rid of it is expensive, time-consuming and can be quite traumatic for the pet. Remember the old phrase prevention is better than a cure? Keep this in mind and provide your pet with all year protection with a preventative heartworm treatment.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

How much do you know? Take the flea and heartworm quiz!

True or False : Fleas are annoying, but they aren't actually harmful to pets.

Answer : False.

Although fleas are small, they can cause a number of health problems for cats and dogs. Flea allergy dermatitis, itchy and other skin complaints are a common side-effect of an untreated flea infestation. Fleas can also pass internal parasites to pets, and long-term infestation causes anemia in young animals. Using Revolution every month will stop fleas from getting the opportunity to infest your pet and prevent these flea related problems from happening.

How do heartworm infect pets?

Heartworm is an internal parasite which infects cats and dogs through an intermediate host the mosquito. When a mosquito that is infected with heartworm-larvae bites an animal, the heartworm is passed into the animal's blood stream. The larvae migrates to the heart and lungs where it develops into mature heartworm. Heartworm infestation is a very serious condition and treating pets with the parasite preventative Revolution is always preferable and less stressful than having to treat a pet with curative medicine.

True or False: Revolution must be reapplied if your pet goes swimming or gets wet in the rain.

Answer : False

The anti-parasitic pet medicines Revolution for Cats and Revolution for Dogs contain ingredients which are water fast when dry. Two hours after an application of Revolution, the product will remain effective against parasites even if your pet swims, is bathed or otherwise gets wet. Revolution provides broad spectrum protection against both fleas and heartworm, as well as other parasites for a whole month whatever your pet gets up to!

What should you do if you see fleas or evidence of fleas on your pets?

If you see fleas, or evidence of fleas (such as your pet scratching itself excessively, and black specks in its fur) the first action you should take is to apply Revolution. Revolution kills adult fleas and stops flea eggs from hatching, effectively breaking the flea life cycle and bringing the infestation to a rapid end.

True or False : Revolution can be applied to pets from the age of six weeks.

Answer : True

Pets of all ages need help from their owners to stay free from infestation by fleas and heartworm. Revolution offers a practical and safe way to make sure that even puppies and kittens are protected from these parasites. Revolution for Cats and Revolution for Dogs are approved for use on pets aged six weeks and over.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Can I Split a Larger Dose Between Pets?

Your pet is like your kid that needs proper attention and care. If your pet looks exhausted then maybe he is not feeling well. In that case the best thing that you can do is to consult your veterinarian about what you need to do. For sure, your veterinarian will prescribe vitamins and most probably medications for the disease like heartworm, fleas and ticks that your pet might have.


There are different medicines in treating heartworms and fleas for dogs like Revolution. Revolution is a simple way to treat or protect your dog against heartworms and fleas. Revolution is a once a month topical application that is easy to use and apply. Revolution's main ingredient is Selamectin. Revolution is a medication that can be used for puppies from 6 weeks of age and for lactating or pregnant females. Revolution is a water-resistant formulation. Revolution is still effective even after exposing to rain or swimming. Revolution is effective for a full month. When using Revolution, you need to avoid contact with your eyes and make sure to wash your hands after use. Revolution is considered flammable so you better keep it away from heat or other sources of fire. Revolution is color coded based on the weight of your dog. Revolution is available in purple pack for very small dogs (5 - 10lbs), brown pack for small dogs (10 - 20 lbs), red pack for medium dogs (20 - 40 lbs) and teal pack for large dogs (40 - 90 lbs). Revolution is available in 3, 6 and 12 packs. Buy the right Revolution for your dog.


It is not safe and not a good idea to do. If you are thinking of saving money then splitting large dose of medicines will not help you out. It will only double the spending once the disease worsens then you end up bringing your pet to a vet clinic or hospital. If you split a pill, it might not have the same amount of concentrations or ingredients. It will not be as effective as it can be. The active ingredients of the medicines may not be distributed evenly. Make sure to give the correct dosage of medication to your pet to avoid complications that may lead to a more serious damage.