Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hello out there....want to know about Revolution?

Welcome to my first blog post!  I've been thinking about doing this for a while, but never really had anything I thought worthy of a post....until I found Revolution which is a flea and tick control pet medication made by Pfizer.  It has changed my world and that of my pets.

I have both dogs and cats and the Revolution flea control product has been fantastic.  No other product I've used for controlling fleas and ticks has been this effective or worked so quickly.  After trying Revolution it didn't take me long to find my sought-after blog topic!  Now I want to tell the world about Revolution.

So come on board with me and learn about Revolution for Cats and Revolution for Dogs.  I'm going to do lots of research to help you with your Revolution questions and you can always ask me for my thoughts, tips, or findings about Revolution, dogs, cats, fleas, ticks or general pet ownership.  And I'd love to hear your stories too.

After all, isn't the best protection for our beloved pets what we're all after?  Fleas and ticks be gone!